I’m a 35 year old mother of 3:  Hannah 10, Xavier 7, and Austin 1.  I discovered my love for fitness 4 years ago.  The exhilaration and sense of accomplishment I felt after a workout became addictive until fitness became an integral part of my life.  I also had the added benefit of looking and feeling better than I had in many years.

Health also took a priority in 2010 when my mother was diagnosed with type II diabetes.  Boy was that a wake-up call.  It was about this time that I also discovered Crossfit and Paleo.   Through the Crossfit community and Paleo I learned I have control over any genetic predisposition to preventable diseases.  I also realized how disconnected the Latino community is from the health and fitness community.

I guess I was really busy in 2010 because it was also about that time that I also began to do swimsuit and fitness modeling as one way to stay motivated.  In 2011 I submitted my portfolio to People En Espanol,who at the time was holding the Bello 51 contest, on the platform that age and motherhood were not acceptable excuses for neglecting your health and refusing to live an active lifestyle.  The voters and people at People agreed on the importance of my message and chose me as 2011 People En Espanol Bello 51.

Fortunately, not there long after I became pregnant with my youngest son, Austin, and any platform I hoped to expand on had to sit on the back burner while I delivered and cared for him.  Now, I am back hoping to continue to to be an ambassador between the health and fitness community and the general Latina population.  I am not an expert but I do have a passion for everything fitness and health related.  Muy pronto y si Dios quiere I will have my personal trainer and nutrition health certifications as well.  My goals for this blog are to motivate, inspire, inform, educate, and to give options.  I hope you leave this site with those feelings.

Best Wishes in Your Pursuit of Good Health,

Elizabeth Flores


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