Fitness Friday – Modifying Overhead Squats

10 May

Hola Be.AH’s!  Welcome to the weekend, well almost ;).  Tuesday’s Crossfit Workout “Nancy” included overhead squats that when done correctly can give you a great full body workout.  In Crossfit an overhead squat generally requires a barbell. However, there may be reasons why you may not want to use a barbell.  Perhaps you have an injury that prevents you from doing the movement or you may not have a barbell at home.  No worries and NO EXCUSES!  Here are variations both weighted and unweighted, and using different equipment that allow you to do the same movement.

Form is very important and something I am still working on even after 2.5 years of Crossfit.  Take your time to learn how to do it and then take the time to do it right.  Why?  Good form will give you better results for your work because you’ll be working out the correct muscles and more importantly, it prevents injury.  This is what your body should look like when performing any variation of an overhead squat.


So what does it look like using different equipment?  Scroll down this page to see what it looks like using your body, a towel, a pvc pipe, a kettlebell, a dumbbell, and a barbell.

What it looks like using only your body as an Air Squat.


What it looks like using a towel.


What is looks like using a PVC Pipe.


What it looks like using a resistance band.


What it looks like using a Kettlebell.


What it looks like using a dumbbell.


What it looks like using a barbell.


I hope this blog helps and hopefully next time you will join me in doing a Crossfit WOD that has overhead squats.Keep SWEATING PINK Be.AHs.  ¡Hasta la proxima!


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