May Challenges ~ It’s Not Too Late

2 May

Hola Fit & Healthy Latina Beauties! 

I know, I know.  It’s May 2nd.  However it’s not too late to think about what you would like to work on and find a challenge that’s right for you.  I myself will be doing this 30 Day Squat Challenge I found on Instagram.  Don’t know how to do a squat correctly?  Form is very important if you want to see results.  Take time to watch this video.  You’ll get better results for your time.


Here’s what it looks like Day 1.  I’m really hoping to see progress. (:



– May “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge.  This is a Facebook Challenge, open to the public, and very easy to join.

– Rhoades to Fitness has an Ab Challenge with pics of the excercises to go with it.  So you can’t use, “I don’t know how to do the excercises,” as an excuse. 😉

–  Don’t have Facebook? No worries! Try this one from  It’s guaranteed to get you toned and and make you stronger.


There are plenty of May challenges on the internet.  If none of the ones listed above work for you find one that does. ChallengeLoop has a few other lifestyle challenges that might be of interest to you and you could win a prize for doing it!  Check them out.  No matter what you you choose to do, keep sweating pink and showing off your Latina glow.


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