Fit and Healthy May Goals

1 May


I think it is very important and beneficial for me to end each month with a reflection on my intended health and fitness goals for that month and writing down new goals at the start of each new month.   So one goal I have for this blog is to do this every month either on the last day of the old month or first day of the new month.



In April I had hoped to lose 2% body fat.  Due to my flexibility and inconsistency with diet on weekends,  I only managed to lose 1%.  Success nonetheless because I finally broke a plateau and I gained 2 pounds of muscle.

photo(33) photo(35)

I had also hoped to make my motivation poster board which I did do but see what happened to it.  Yup!  My little guy thought it would be fun to crawl all over it and wipe the whiteboard clean.  Unfortunately I have not had time to redo it so it is still a work in progress.  Fail :(.  I’ll proudly blog about it when it is complete.


        Finally, after I set the last goal I realized that it wasn’t a SMART goal.  Instead of revising the goal I chose to only work on the previous two goals.



I had hoped May would mean new month, new goals but unfortunately most of it is carryover from April.  Here are my May goals.

1) Lose 1% body fat.  I’ll continue to eat the way I have been but attempt to be consistent with meals on weekends.  Busy schedule keeps me from eating often so when I finally eat it’s most likely foods that are delicious but are not helping me meet my goals.

2) Complete Motivation Board.  It’s almost done but I have a couple of adjustments that need to be made. 

3) Increase hip size by 1 inch.  I’ll continue to incorporate a designated leg day and I’ll be doing a squat challenge.


4) Participate in my first EVER 10K.  I’m all signed up for the Texas Flower Country Women’s 10K.  I will be doing it with a group of awesome ladies.  I’m sure that it will be fun, challenging, and invigorating.  Can’t wait!  One more item off my fitness bucket list.

5) Begin Triathlon Training – I also signed up to do Skeese Women’s Triathlon on June 30. I have 8 weeks to train!  I found an 8 week plan I will be following.  Wish me luck!


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