Reflecting on Boston

17 Apr


Up until this moment I was unsure if I should or would post my response to the events that occurred this week at the Boston Marathon.  Afterall I have never run a half-marathon unless you want to count Tough Mudder. So it almost goes without saying I’ve never run a full marathon. What might I have to say if I’ve never run a marathon before?

This week got me thinking a lot about my fitness journey but particularly my running journey. When I first started working out 5 years ago I did not consider myself a runner. I hadn’t really run since middle school. I got out of taking PE in high school by joining the marching band; thank God for equivalent credits. No running in college either, though I do remember walking the Bear Trail that loops around Baylor University a few times. That was it! Fast forward many years, I started working out and doing very little treadmill work. I’m talking 5-10 minutes! Barely enough to get my heart going. Sometimes I would go run Townlake but often I ended up only running 1/2 mile before I slowed to a walk. The running seed took root when I joined Crossfit 1.5 years into my fitness journy. Crossfit has taught me a lot of things one of them being that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. So one day I decided to go for a run and I did it, I ran the 3 mile loop at Townlake without stopping! Guess what happened next? I realized how much I loved running!!! I worked my way up in milage, trained a bit hoping to run my first half  this past winter but unfortunately I injured my knee doing Tough Mudder and had to take time off to let it heal.

This Monday, I followed some of what was going on at the Boston Marathon via Twitter (my new favorite playground). I read posts from various individuals and organizations tweeting about friends completing and placing in the marathon. The atmosphere was very exciting. When I checked in around 3 after picking up my kids from school, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I immediately sent messages to my friends. We’re all runners and all at different levels. We range in newbie all the way to lifelong runner & marathoner. We understood as runners. We felt as runners. We were in shock and disbelief and having problems putting into words what we felt. Now looking back I know what I was feeling and continue to feel now.

1) I am so glad that I have surrounded myself with like minded people personally and virtually. I was immediately able to connect with people that understand and also love my love of running and we were there to comfort each other.

Exhibit A 🙂


2) I’m proud of the running community for standing up and showing the world that we will not let an act of terror stop us from doing what we love.
3) I’m proud of the fitness community for showing solace by doing events such as Crossfit WOD tributes and weighlifters doing Lift for Boston.

Exhibit B


As runners know, running is therapy and that is what I did yesterday during my 4 mile run done untimed and in silence while wearing my Mudder.   Today I processed while doing a Crossfit WOD made up as tribute for Boston. It took me a few days but thankfully I’ve finished processing and finally found my words.  I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason.  I could have run a half marathon this past winter and it would have been a great accomplishment but this next marathon season I’ll be running with purpose and that makes my accomplishment much more special.


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