5 Ways to Find Motivation When You Aren’t Feeling It

11 Apr


Sorry for the language but there really are days when this is exactly how I feel.  There are weeks when everything goes smoothly.  The weather is perfect, house chores are caught up, and everyone is healthy.  I love those weeks!  I get all my workouts in when I like.  I have time to sit down and eat my meals at my leisure. If it’s a really good week I even have time for shopping!

Then there are the weeks when I can’t get caught up! I just can’t catch my breath: Laundry is backed up, the baby is fussy and clingy (¡Gracias!  separation anxiety), the weather is awful so groceries are low,and the older kids have me driving them all over the state of Texas for their extracurricular activities.  Those are the days when it becomes very easy for me to make excuses and lose motivation.

Absolutely, I’d rather be in bed on a cold and rainy day or late in the evening cuddling con mi amor.  However, working out is so important to me that if I don’t workout it doesn’t feel like I had a good day.  So how can you find motivation on those days when you’re brain is telling you it isn’t going to happen?

1)  Contact your support network. I am so blessed to have found a group of friends that not only supports my fitness life but they themselves are very active and motivated in their own health and fitness goals.  We love to group message via text and there isn’t a day that one of us isn’t talking health and fitness.  Knowing that I can put it out there if I’m not feeling motivated or pick up my phone and know that there is some kind of motivating and inspiring text from them gets me going.

2)  Go online.  Open up any social network you might be connected with and you’ll find people in your network posting many inspiring and motivating messages.  If this isn’t happening in your feed.  Like or Follow a page that motivates and inspires you.  They’re all different so just because you tried one you didn’t like doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same about all of them.    I am connected to Fit Latina, Healthy Latina, Girls Gone Strong, & Fit Chicks.  Those pages are awesome!  Oh, you might also want to give Fit & Healthy Latina a try but keep in mind it’s a baby blog so there’s a lot more to come. ;).

3) I mentally prepare myself to do it at at some point in the day.  I may not feel the energy at the exact moment that I normally do my workout.  When this happens I might tell myself I might not feel like it at this moment but I will get it done right after everyone goes to bed.

4)  Keep a healthy mindset all day long.  I’ve noted that if I drink plenty of water, take my vitamins, and eat & drink healthy all day.  I’m more likely to get that workout in as soon as I can.

5) Dress out.  Change into your workout clothes as soon as possible.  There are times when I spend all day in my workout clothes because it is a constant reminder that I need to workout.  As soon as I get dressed for the day, I know it’s going to be a lot more difficult to get motivated.  That’s where tips 1-4 are really helpful.

If you can’t find the motivation that day, whatever you do, DON’T give up!  Try again tomorrow.  We all have those days but you must not give up.  Anything is better than nothing so if all you can do one day is go for a short walk around your neighborhood, then do it!  You’re mind and body will thank you for the short break away from life.


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