Must Haves For An Adventure Race

5 Apr


Tomorrow I will be participating in yet another adventure race.  This one is called Thunderdash.  What makes it special is that it will be the first race I do with my sister.  She was a cross country runner in high school.  Just like a lot of people she did limited running  in college but then let life take over after she graduated.  I’m so excited and proud of  her!  Can’t wait!  Thankfully it’s a 5K, easy for me but she’s a bit scared.  I say she’ll do just fine.  This reminded me that I need to text her a list of must haves that she’ll need before, during, and after the race.  Pack the night before that way you won’t be trying to get it all together the morning of, especially if you are running an early wave.  I’ve had to get up at 5 am in the past to get to my starting time on time.

Here’s the List for an Adventure Race.  Listas?

– Bag (to carry everything in)

–  ID (if you’ll be picking up your packet the morning of)

– Bib (if you picked up the night before)

– Cash (for parking, souvenirs, etc.)

– Signed Waiver (if you haven’t already submitted it)

– Running Belt ( It works like a Fanny Pack but is meant to handle sporting. Mine is an iFitness.  You’ll want this to carry your cash, sunscreen, chapstick, hairbands, snack & possibly lipgloss.)

– Sunscreen

– Mid-Run Snack (You’ll want to pack  a light snack, like a Luna bar.  This is especially important if it’s early or mid-afternoon when you’ll be skipping breakfast or lunch.)

– Water/ Water Bottle

– Extra hair bands

– Chapstick

– Small Towel

– Facial Cleansing Wipes

– Clean/Dry clothes

– Clean/Dry Shoes

– Hairbrush

– Lipgloss 😉  for all the post event pictures you’ll be taking.

Finally, remember to take your smile and enthusiasm.  It’s guaranteed to be a great time.  Suerte!


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