How are you celebrating National Walking Day?

3 Apr


Incase you hadn’t heard.  Today, April, 3 2013 is National Walking Day.  If you are unsure how to become involved the American Heart Association has a few ideas listed on their website dedicated to this cause.  In addition, here are a few other possible ideas to add to their list.

1)  Park in the farthest parking space in the parking lot.  I love finding the perfect front door parking space just as much as anyone else.  When I’m lucky enough to have that happen it never fails; I feel like I just hit the jackpot.  I can be having the worst day ever and that parking space just magically makes my day become perfect.  However, I also don’t mind the trek when I can’t find a space closeby.  I remind myself how lucky I am to be healthy enough to walk the distance and I congratulate myself on the mini workout.

2)  Take the stairs.  This is especially true if you don’t have many floors to climb.  You shouldn’t be crawling your way up to the 20th floor but if you can only make up three flights before you feel like you’ll pass out then hey, 3 floors is better than nothing.

3)  Take a walk during your lunch break or coffee break.  Unless you’re in dangerous weather conditions take a brief walk outside.  Your body and brain will thank you.  It’s a quick way to get re-energized for the remainder of your day.   Take time to smell the roses.  Wildlife and fauna change with the seasons.  You might catch a glimpse of something you hadn’t taken the time to notice before.

4) Take the time to mention that it’s National Walking Day to someone.  You never know who’s life you’ve just changed.

Entonces que haras para celebrar el Dia Nacional de la Caminta? Animate a caminar!  No importa que distancia, ni que rapido.


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