Latinas Glow Too

29 Mar

I’m not a writer so I’m going to pretend to be, lol. This subject has become very near and dear to my heart. I began my fitness journey 4 years ago. It has been an amazing experience since day 1. It became especially important to me after my mom was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2010. What I began to see more clearly since then is that a great majority of Latino population has no knowledge or very basic knowledge about health and fitness issues. There are an abundance of health and wellness magazines, blogs and medical websites geared toward the Anglo population but very few geared toward the Latino population. This worries me because when it comes to preventable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes we are at the top. I want to make a difference. I want to build a Latino support community to create a strong movement for the betterment of our diverse Latino cultures.

Do a tag search for Latinas on any of your social networks and there we are looking sexy, curvy, hot, and beautiful. Just once I’d love to do a tag search for workout, crossfit, running, etc. and find our luscious selves breaking a sweaty glow. Vamos Latinas! I know you’re out there sweating it out and if you’re not what are you waiting for. Zumba, crossfit, running, biking, swimming, walking. What does it matter? Let’s just get moving! See you on the networks #fitnhealthylatina! 🙂


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