Crossfit Workout 5-14-2013

14 May

Crossfit Workout 5-14-2013

Today’s Crossfit workout is Kelly.  Kelly and I might have issues because I have a love/hate relationship with wall balls.  I hate to do them but I love what they do for me.  🙂

To do Kelly you will begin with a round of 400 meter run, followed by 30 Box Jumps (modification: step-ups), and ending with 30 Wall Balls. Repeat 5 times.


No box to jump on?  Jump on steps, bleachers, step step stool or crate.  Can’t jump?  Step ups do the job.  No medicine ball?  Do air squats with the same overhead movement minus no ball.  You will not be adding strength to the upper body but you will still be working the same muscles. No EXCUSES!  #getmoving

Hasta la proxima! Keep Sweating Pink 😉


10K Race Day Weekend Recap

14 May


I had the  most wonderful weekend EVER!  It was full of personal accomplishments, memorable moments, friends, and family.  I only wish I would remember to take more pictures.  Oh well, next time!



I’ve been talking a lot about training for my first 10K.  Finally, here’s the story.  I am blessed to be surrounded by a group of amazing women that share and support my love of living an active and fit life.  One of these  awesome women celebrated her 35th birthday this past week.  As a way too celebrate her we all agreed to run a 10K this past Saturday.Two of these inspiring women have run many, many running events.  They are the experts and superb runners.  They were my believers.  They made me believe I could do it and they convinced me to try.  My other friend is also a new runner but it was her determination to accomplish this feat that motivated me to keep going.  She has only been running 2 months and has already run 2 5Ks and on Saturday she ran her first 10K. Wow!  I am beyond impressed with her!

photo 2(3)

Team Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Late Friday night we agreed, to some degree, on the time and location that we would meet.  Well, I should have known better and I should’ve suggested 30 minutes earlier because these ladies had me waiting an extra 30 minutes Saturday morning.  No worries.  We drove to our race destination in Fredericksburg, TX with enough time to pick up our packets, take plenty of  pictures and go to the restroom before they National Anthem was sung.  As the National Anthem ended I could feel my heart start to beat a little faster with fear and excitement.  Questions began running through my head.  What if I twist my ankle in the rocky terrain?  What if I get thirsty?  What if I have to go to the restroom?  Any my biggest question, What if I can’t finish? I know I’ve run a couple of Tough Mudders but this was different.  This was nonstop 6.2 miles!  No stop at obstacles to catch my breath.

The race started.  The pace was super slow to begin with.  It soon became evident that many people would be walking some if not all of the 5K/10K.  I tried to get myself out of the mob as quickly as possible because I was there with hopes of finishing in less than an hour.  I’ve never run a 10K so I had no idea what I could do but that was my goal.  Mile 1 was hard, I’m not sure why but I was having a hard time catching my wind and I felt really heavy.  By the end of mile 2 I was feeling better and by mile 3 I was in!  Mile 4 and 5 were good.  I had a steady pace and I wasn’t feeling overly tired just very, very thirsty and the fact that I had allergy cough the whole time made breathing a bit hard but not unmanageable.    Mile 6 is a funny story because for some reason I thought I had less distance to go and I decided to pick up pace since I had energy left and I was really shooting for that time.  So I started sprinting thinking I only had about 400 meters to go.  Well it turns out I still had about 1000 meters to go.  When I figured this out I had to tell myself.  “You gotta do it now.  Finish what you started!”  AND I did.  I sprinted all the way through the finish line with a time of 57:23.  I have no clue if that’s a good time or not but it’s my current PR and I’m proud of it. 🙂

photo 5

Crossing the Finish Line

Afterwards, we had brunch and mimosas while listening to a live band perform.  More pictures were taken.  I’m proud to say that one of my girls placed 2nd Overall in the event.  Then we road tripped home to get ready for her birthday celebration that evening.  That’s a whole different kind of story ;).


Mother’s day was wonderful.  It started out without my children because mommy needs some time without the kiddos too.  They spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa.  My husband and I went out for brunch that morning and I kept it healthy up until the point I decided to treat myself to a churro and peanut butter cookie.  My meal was delicious:  ceviche, fruit, and bacon.We picked up the kids and had dinner with them and my husband’s mom that evening.  I decided to take the day off from any physical activity because some days rest is just more important. I needed it!

Mother's Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch


Triathlon training!

Fitness Friday – Modifying Overhead Squats

10 May

Hola Be.AH’s!  Welcome to the weekend, well almost ;).  Tuesday’s Crossfit Workout “Nancy” included overhead squats that when done correctly can give you a great full body workout.  In Crossfit an overhead squat generally requires a barbell. However, there may be reasons why you may not want to use a barbell.  Perhaps you have an injury that prevents you from doing the movement or you may not have a barbell at home.  No worries and NO EXCUSES!  Here are variations both weighted and unweighted, and using different equipment that allow you to do the same movement.

Form is very important and something I am still working on even after 2.5 years of Crossfit.  Take your time to learn how to do it and then take the time to do it right.  Why?  Good form will give you better results for your work because you’ll be working out the correct muscles and more importantly, it prevents injury.  This is what your body should look like when performing any variation of an overhead squat.


So what does it look like using different equipment?  Scroll down this page to see what it looks like using your body, a towel, a pvc pipe, a kettlebell, a dumbbell, and a barbell.

What it looks like using only your body as an Air Squat.


What it looks like using a towel.


What is looks like using a PVC Pipe.


What it looks like using a resistance band.


What it looks like using a Kettlebell.


What it looks like using a dumbbell.


What it looks like using a barbell.


I hope this blog helps and hopefully next time you will join me in doing a Crossfit WOD that has overhead squats.Keep SWEATING PINK Be.AHs.  ¡Hasta la proxima!